1 March 2022

Trick or Treat

All ghosts and monsters will appear in one place thanks to the filled bag of liquid candies. Will you be able to get some of the sweets?

About The Party

The Halloween party has a special power - according to legends, if properly used, it can provide participants with an abundance of goodies and benefits. Become a participant and check if the ancient powers of your ancestors will bestow them on you.

Our Halloween's DJ's

DJ Frankaistin

Lead DJ

Fanatic of hard and strong Techno music. He can wake up even the dead with a beat.

DJ Freddy Krug

Support DJ

Night owl. Opponent of wearing masks - claiming that it has a negative effect on his delicate complexion.

Halloween Token Main Features

Invite for party & Gain

Reference Gains

The bigger the party, the better - get Halloween and BNB tokens for each referral.


Safety first

We use the Binance Smart Chain Network. The most secure and advanced system in the world.

Get the Ticket - Token Halloween

Single Claim

  • 100 Halloween tokens
  • Can claim multiple times
  • Full token funcionality

Token buys

  • 10k Halloween tokens
  • Best conversion factor
  • Full token funcionality


Contract: 0xac28d2bbf4428264c869b0cb9aaa50a1a2f60a7b

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 HALLOWEEN
Decimals: 18

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